Charles Rezandi

Research and Project Lead

Charles is a lecturer and coordinator for the Diploma in Creative Direction for Fashion at LASALLE College of the Arts. He has presented his work at various conferences such as IFFTI and regional universities such as Petra Christian University, Universitas Ciputra and LASALLE College of the Arts. He also writes design business case studies at Bloomsbury Digital. His current research interests include intersectionality, heritage, diaspora fashion, digital innovation, and social and semantic databases.

Nicolette Ow

Researcher and Author

The relationship between dress, culture and identity has always been of interest to me. As a Chinese Singaporean, I grew up with the narrative of Singapore being a multicultural society broadly categorised into the four races of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian (or Others), yet I never learnt about the many intersections between those cultures. I hope this project can showcase the diversity of our diaspora—a result of Singapore’s history and geographic position—and educate or inspire our generation to reclaim or reinterpret our heritage in our own ways.

Clarice Ng

Video Project Manager

Being part of Singapore’s diaspora as a Chinese-Filipino Singaporean, it has been enlightening to engage in conversations with participants about their identities existing within the intersections across cultures, ethnicities and generations through dress, perception and everyday wear.

It is important to look back at one's roots to better understand our own identity as we express ourselves in the world, especially in an increasingly globalised society. I hope for this project to shed light on the diversity and complexities regarding the themes of belonging and identity that those around us may face. Considering this would not only help us better understand ourselves and those around us as well.

Lokesjwara N. Prabhu

Researcher and Author

As a Southeast Asian, this project has been an eye-opener to how layered the Southeast Asian identity is and how many of us share commonalities and differences.

This project discovered borders that we did not know we had. It highlighted the grey area of an already grey region. I truly hope that this project could be a vessel that sheds light on these lines and contribute an understanding of intersectional identity.

design TEAM

Andrian Firmansyah

Lead Visual & Audio Editor

Andrian is a multidisciplinary designer ranging from product, communications and brand development. His enthusiasm and upbeat personality allow him to transfer his design skills from one discipline to another. He is particularly keen on the human centric design, and this approach motivates his work by placing the user at the centre of his design process. He also concentrates his work on the areas of digital experiences and Illustration.

Afuwa Mulyo

Visual Editor

Afuwa is a south asian visual designer that loves to explore visual design world and mix and match culture to create good visual design

As a south asian, this project really open our mind that so many and diverse that fashion can develop. 

fashion  are part of culture that shape a civilisation and each era has its own  looks and feel and can actually be mixed with future and past to develope new way of fashion and culture

Cliff Rialdi

User Interface Designer

As an Indonesian with Chinese ethnicity, this project has opened my eyes on how diverse the Southeast Asian identity is. It helps me to understand myself better on where I came from or where I actually belong.

Fathiyah Konzan

User Interface Designer

Fathiyah is a Designer at C+C&Co. She is a Visual Communication graduate specialised in branding. She believes in effective branding through storytelling and understanding the needs of the audience. As an evolving designer, she will take on any challenge and deliver a compelling design solution.